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If you are looking for what we can offer here on our website, then click on the Services tab. We cover a wide range of pest control and management. From scorpions, bees, wasps, and even bigger mammals like mice, we can ensure your safety amongst them. We have also provided some things that you need to know about these invasive critters so that you will know how to deal with them as well. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more interesting topics to read, then the Did You Know tab is for you. Here, we list everything about a certain pest that might interest you. We also add some relatively unknown facts that can also help your management of their invasion. Sometimes, we even include other facts that you need to learn about controlling them. It is relatively fun to know more about them even as they try to annoy and affect your daily life For those who are looking for a more advanced look, then the Pest Database is something that you should check out. It is full of information that you may want when facing these pesky pests. It is a lexicon, from their species, to what makes them vulnerable. If you are having trouble on your own, then this tab is a helpful tool so that you can be more aware of what these animals can do. You can always Contact Us if you think we have missed something in our website. We are also open to any kind of revision, as long as we stick to the facts. You can also talk to one of our representatives using the pop-up window on the corner. Sending us an email is also an effective way to communicate with us.
Las Vegas Pest Control Services
If there is one thing that people hate in the house, it is pests. They can just be anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, they do tend to appear wherever we would usually be in. From the kitchens to our offices, you cannot easily escape these pesky little critters as they try to make your day worse. This is why it is important to have someone that can help you combat these situations. If you are living here in Nevada, it would be best to look for a company that can easily help you out with them.

Progressive Pest Control is one of the best, if not the best, in the state when it comes to controlling these critters. Our 17 years of experience speaks for itself, and we would not have lasted this long in the business without delivering excellent service. We serve areas from North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and other nearby areas.

We cover a whole array of pests and areas that they can affect. We usually do serve residential areas, but we focus as well with commercial and agricultural sectors. From buildings infested by termites to houses full of bed bugs, we have solutions that can easily solve your concerns. Try giving us a call and see for yourself what we can do to help you out.


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